Beads and Findings

Sources for beads of all kinds, from gemstones to crystals.  I have included a brief note after each listing indicating the major specialties of each vendor.

Being listed on this site is not an endorsement of any supplier; research before purchasing by reading the reviews here on this site and talking to other jewelry designers.  See the “General” section as well for more bead sources.

A Cut Above on Ebay – faceted gem beads

Beadaholique – Beadaholique has always had a talent for offering the unusual or hard to find, and they disclose the content and treatments (dying etc.) of their beads honestly – they missed a few but do a good job overall.  Check out their vintage glass cabochons!  Prices and shipping are great.

Beadsonsale – gemstone beads, faceted gem beads – Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads, copper beads

CGM Beads – gemstone beads, mainly the faceted gem type

Colbaugh Processing – Kingman turquoise from the source, also the origin of the (heavily processed and dyed) Mojave green and purple turquoise

DakotaStones – Some very pretty gemstone beads with lots of colored or otherwise enhanced stones.  They DO NOT disclose most dying and other treatments, be sure you know what you are buying and do your research.  Don’t assume the stones on this site are all natural.

DichroBeads – dichroic seed beads

Eastern Findings – raw brass and plated findings, settings, and chain.  Limited sterling and gold selection.

Eloxite – a variety of mostly gemstone beads and other interesting items.

EurekaEureka – vintage and rare beads of all types

Happy Mango Beads – Ethnic, tribal, recycled glass, and trade beads

INM Crystal – Swarovski crystals, alphabet beads, Preciosa crystal

Jewelweaver – gemstone beads

June Jewels – turquoise, spiney oyster, and coral beads.  Real and fairly priced.

Keweenaw Gem and Gift – Michigan gemstone beads including epidote, kona dolomite, Lake Superior agate, and Petoskey stone (fossilized coral).  Full retail pricing.

Limabeads – gemstone beads, small selection copper, pewter, and brass beads

Little Appleton – Australia based bead seller.

LQGemworks – gemstone beads, faceted gem beads

Mimi’s Gems – Swarovski, TierraCast pewter, customizable clasps, some beautiful and unusual carved glass leaves

Pearl Goddess – King’s Ransom pearls doesn’t have online ordering or prices, but they look like a good source for a wide variety of pearls

Shiana – fair trade fine silver beads and findings

Shipwreck Beads – Czech glass and similar beads, huge selection.

SoulOfSomanya – Krobo powdered recycled glass beads from Africa

Stachura Wholesale – Gemstone beads, faceted gem beads, pearls

The Earth Bazaar – fine faceted gem beads

The Gem Shop – Unique gemstone beads and pendants, mostly agates and jaspers.  Great beads for rockhounds!

Thomason Stone Supply – wide variety of gemstone beads including genuine turquoise.

Turquoise Beads – turquoise and many other gemstone beads

Turquoise Magpie – gemstone beads, big hole beads

Twinklehut – Thai hill tribe silver beads, faceted gem beads, pearls


One Response to Beads and Findings

  1. Amy P says:

    I WAS a customer of The Earth Bazaar until recently when they charged my debit card with out me buying any product from them. When I tried to contact them about the matter (multiple times) I never received a response back. I had to contact my bank to report a fraudulent charge and have them get my money back.
    I then decided to give them another chance and order again. So I did and after seeing a few of the gemstones I decided I was not happy with the quality of some of them and returned about half of what I ordered. I followed their return policy and sent the gemstones back within the 30 days required. I also waited the 30 days they state it may take for the return to be credited back to the card used.
    I had insured the package and asked to have a signature upon delivery, just in case!
    It has been well over 60 days past the 30 day waiting period for my refund so I contacted the company to see what the problem is. I still have not received a response from the company regarding my 170 dollar refund. The package was signed for and back to the company within their guidelines for a refund.
    So now I am out of 170 dollars and do not have the gemstones either. Im jumping through hoops trying to get my money back.
    Be aware, if you plan on buying form The Earth Bazaar make sure you will be keeping what you order. They have an email address and customer service line available but never respond when you have a problem. I dont think that is how a company should be run!

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