Calibrated/Commercial Gemstone Cabochon Suppliers

  • 101 Best Beads – Etsy-based cabochon and bead seller.
  • ~ Stunning mid to high end ammolite cabs, calibrated and freeform.  Also specimens and mammoth ivory inlay pendants.
  • Australian Opal Imports ~ Quality Australian opals
  • Colbaugh Processing ~ Kingman turquoise cabochons
  • D4Haley International ~ Specialist in labradorite and other feldspars, also drusy and other random finds.  Honest and reliable.
  • Dad’s Rock Shop – Mostly standard calibrated cabs, with a few unusual finds.  Often sold out.
  • Dominican Lounge ~ Larimar and amber direct from the DR.  Nice seller, great quality larimar at excellent prices.
  • Dragonfly – Various designer cabs, mostly imported from Russia.
  • Eloxite – A selection of mostly oval, larger, calibrated cabochons.  Worth checking if you are looking for a specific stone.
  • Facet Rough Gemstones – Bad website and photos, but the stone descriptions are accurate.  Worth checking if you’re looking for an unusual cab.
  • Gem Center – Very good prices on an interesting selection of calibrated and freeform cabochons.  Mostly larger ovals in calibrated sizes, focus on agates and jaspers.
  • Gem Country USA - Very wide selection, single cabs and pairs.
  • Gem Resources – One of my favorite suppliers.  Good selection of calibrated cabochons, excellent prices and service.
  • Gems and Jewelry R Us – Cabs made out of various rare materials.  Small but interesting selection.
  • GemsBiz – Overseas commercial cab supplier.  Large minimum orders of individual stone cuts required.
  • Gem Select – Huge selection of cabs and faceted stones from this Thai vendor.   Gem type cabs as well as opaque stones.  Erratic pricing and a dubious online reputation (run a google search).
  • Great Cabochons – freeform and calibrated, mostly opaque stone types.  Huge selection.
  • IC Gems -
  • KI Beads -
  • Limabeads – Calibrated. Mostly larger oval cabs of inexpensive stones.  Be careful of their stone IDs, they aren’t the most knowledgable.
  • Lonnies Inc – Calibrated. Good selection of cabs, primarily of less expensive stone types.  Prices are fair to good.  The quality is unpredictable, poor photos mean you’re not sure exactly what you will get.  Worth ordering from if you can’t find elsewhere.
  • Madagascar Minerals ~ Labradorite specialists.
  • Monsterslayer – Calibrated. Very few stone types and no photos, but the prices and quality are excellent.  I’ve “sampled” their cabs and you can feel okay about the sight unseen ordering.
  • New Era Gems -
  • Pioneer Gem – Calibrated.  I was very unimpressed with the quality of cabs in my sample order.
  • Reliable Larimar – Graded larimar cabs.
  • Rincon -
  • Silver Streams Northwest - Jaspers, agates, and blue opal.  Nice scenic cabs, but very expensive.
  • Silver Supplies -
  • Stachura Wholesale – Calibrated.  Great selection and quality, good prices.  Great, personal service.  A favorite supplier.
  • Stones ‘n Silver -
  • Topstones – South African supplier of tumbled and rough stones (no cabs).
  • Vista Gems -
  • Waly-Beads (commercial) – Lots of China-cut cabs, beads, and pendants.
  • Wholesale Larimar -

Designer Cabochon Cutters and Lapidary Artists

Most of the shops below are people who cut their own cabs.  A couple are commercial but sell designer cabs.

Art2Wear –
Balanced Heart Designs –
Banjo Creek –
Bigtrex –
Billy Bob’s Rock Shop –
Bitter Brook Cabochons –
Cabs by Mitch –
CC Rocks –
Couple of Beads –
Dale Rocks –
Dekoning Designs –
Desert Mountain Gems –
Don’s Stone Images –
Earth Art Silver –
Fay Canyon cabochons –
Happy Tortoise Designs –
Holey Stones –
Jim’s Gems Custom Cabochons –
Lapidarious –
Lost Sierra –
Makemetal –
Michael’s Lapidary –
Mountain Magpie –
Moving Rock –
Natural Stone –
Pat’s Rocks –
Peggy Hodge –
Waly-Beads (commercial) –
R2 Rocks –
Raschana –
Red Tailed Hawk –
Revluc –
RockYurHeart –
Siren Stones –
Slabitcabit –
Spike’s Stoneworks –
Stones in Motion –
Stone Soup Gems –
Suzybones – (Fordite)
The Agate Works –
The Bead Store –
The Gem Shop –
Topgems –
Tradewind Studios –
Unconventional Lapidarist –
Vivid Gem –
WireYourWorld –

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