Tripps Jewelry Complaints

I’ve been a customer of Tripps jewelry for some time now. They sell pre-notched, easy to use settings for gemstones. It’s always been a bit of a deal with the devil. They kept me as a customer by offering a wide variety of quick, easy to use settings at fairly reasonable prices.

They were always on the brink of losing me due to low quality. Their castings are very uneven and full of defects, and there is a percentage out of each order that must be completely discarded because of too-thin prongs, squashed posts, and so forth. I always have to do a lot of finish work on them. I sent two emails at various points about the low quality and didn’t get a reply.

Castings I order from other companies don’t have these problems….but Tripps is convenient. Or was. I stopped using them for gold a long time ago, using other vendors with much higher quality but no silver settings. I still bought silver settings from them, grudgingly.

I placed an order on the 3rd of the month, paid for it that day, and was told it would ship on the 4th. I was out of two sizes of settings in the order, and had customer orders of my own stacking up.

To make a long story short, I called them several times, finding out the order was “holding for payment” even though I’d already paid. I asked for overnight shipping, because at that point my own customers were impatient. My calls were never returned, and the order finally arrived on the 22nd.  It was not shipped overnight, rather via priority.

At this point I have three customers I have to overnight packages to at MY EXPENSE, due to a problem with a vendor that is not my fault. I’m doing it because it’s good customer service. Tripps on the other hand, kept trying to offer me a $6.50 shipping credit, and finally offered me a $20.00 account credit when I explained how absurd that was.

I’m spending over $80.00 in shipping to correct a problem that was NOT my fault, and Tripps is spending, very reluctantly, $20 (as a credit on a future order no less!) to try to make a problem that WAS their fault go away.

Sorry, it doesn’t. They should have immediately overnighted me the package when I first called and they discovered their error. Since they completely failed to do that (or return my call, even), they should have given me a refund in the amount of the shipping I now have to pay for to satisfy my customers after their screwup.

Nooooo. All I get is a person telling me to call her if I have any problems in the future. Huh? Lady, you didn’t fix THIS problem, how am I going to have any confidence you’ll fix future ones? Bad service like this, especially from a company that was already providing iffy products, makes me see red.

I’m off to design my own to have custom cast by a quality operation. Bye, Tripps.

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