Twinklehut Review

Twinklehut is my favorite of the many Thai bead sellers on ebay (aside from, but they are in a different category).  They sell a wide selection of beads, focusing on Karen Hill Tribe silver and faceted gemstones.  The things that set them apart in a crowded category are good prices, clear photos that show quality and size from many angles, with a ruler for gauging size, and honestly represented stones that are correctly named, with any dying disclosed in the listings.

Shipping is cheaper from Thailand (2.99 flat rate) than what many sellers right here in the US charge, and everything I’ve ordered has arrived safely.  They are easy to work with and if you prefer to shop over a period of a week or so bidding on auctions, selecting new items, etc. they are very patient about waiting until you are done to send you one invoice for payment.

They don’t try to dazzle you with overblown language and exclaimation points, they just let the goods speak for themselves with excellent pictures.  It works.

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